Although the land is beautiful, it suffers annually from floods and storms. I love the central region full of sunshine and wind

Dear ladies and gentlemen, friends from near and far.
The storm No. 05 took place in the middle of September 2020, causing heavy damage to the people in Central Vietnam. Accidents have not been overcome yet, in recent days, tropical depressions and floods continuously rise from Ha Tinh to Binh Dinh, killing dozens of lives, tens of thousands of houses flooded and collapsed. ; The value of livestock, crops, means of transport (vehicles, boats) and many properties swept away and drowned by storms and floods cannot be counted.
With the spirit of patriotism and love for people as well as the spirit of giving rice and sharing clothes of the national tradition, Asia Veterinary Medicine Company earnestly calls for compassion from near and far to contribute support to help our people. I’m in trouble in my dear homeland of Central Vietnam.
Quang Tri is one of the most severe floods in the Central region. Losses too much damage. Home, home and garden, savings, even mourning …
On October 18, 2020, Achaupharm will move directly to the Heavy Flooding area, direct support and gifts will be given.
The gift includes: Green wind oil, raincoat, seasoning powder, cooking oil, rice cake + 1 cash envelope to send to each family at the address: Van Fund Village, Hai Phong Commune, Hai Lang District, Quang Tri (With livestream in flooded area)

But there will never be enough when only ACHAUPHARM is done. SHARE YOUR HANDS WITH YOUR ACHAUPHARM !!!

Donation account number – Head of Eastern, Central Business District
– Account name: Lam Vo Mai Quynh
– Account: 0111000456944
– Vietcombank Bank – Can Tho Branch

For all contributions, please contact:
Asia Veterinary Medicine Company Limited
Address: 130, QL1A, Ba Lang Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho
Hotline: 1900 986834
We wish you, good friends, friends near and far, all the peace, and prayers.
Sincerely thank you.

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