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  • Indications
  • Active Ingredients
  • Dosage
  • Precautions
  • Storage


For livestock and poultry.
Treatment of diseases:

Infectious colitis,

Chronic respiratory diseases (CRD),

Reduce stress,

Strengthen resistance.

Improving reproductive health,

Weight gain and increased conception rates.

Active Ingredients

Colistin Sulfate 
Vitamin A 
Vitamin D3 
Nicotinic acid 
Vitamin E 
Vitamin B2 
Calcium pantothenate 
Vitamin K3 
Vitamin B12


Mix into food or drinking water:
• Cattle, pig: 1 g/ 6 – 8 kg of body weight/ day.
• Poultry: 1 g/ 2 – 4 kg of body weight/ day or 2 g mixed into 1 – 2 liters of drinking/ day.
Use continuously for 3 – 5 days


Use continuously for 3 – 5 days


Store in shade and dry place.
Temperature below 30oC.
Keep away from direct sunlight

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