Asia Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing veterinary drugs according to GMP – WHO standards. Due to the need of expansion and development, the Company needs to recruit personnel for the following positions:


Job description:

Develop / develop processes, instructions, forms for warehouse operations: Import and export and storage of goods, statistics, data control, inventory tracking, minimum inventory , …
Organize the implementation of warehouse management to ensure no loss or damage during storage.
Disseminate and implement work plans, implement warehouse department goals.
Check the validity of invoices and documents before doing Import / Export. Arrange goods at the warehouse. Supervising, inspecting, and delivering goods in the process of Import / Export
Training and guiding warehouse staff to comply with the prescribed working procedures at the warehouse.
Responsible to the board of directors for all developments and operations of the warehouse as well as the warehouse staff.
Job details will be discussed in detail when interviewed

Job requirements:

Good male and female University, College of animal health, economics or accounting.
Proficient in office informatics skills (Word, Excel).
Diligent, careful, withstand the pressure of work.
Candidates with experience in the position of warehouse manager, warehouse manager, warehouse manager …

Wage agreement

2.International sales staff

Job description:

Finding customers and selling products
Transactions with partners on orders, delivery progress …
Interpret company-partner meetings.
Supporting other operations of the Import and Export Department.
Details of specific work during the interview.
At least 1 year of experience in an equivalent position.

Job requirements:

International Business Graduated from University.
Must be fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing ENGLISH.
Know the export procedure.
Can go on business abroad.
Be proficient in office computer.
The personality is careful, hard-working, honest, agile, able to withstand high work pressure.

Wage agreement

3. Graphic Designer Marketing Department


Male and Female from 22 – 35 years old. Graduated from universities, colleges in training schools majoring in Graphics and Fine Arts….
WeƄsite design, Logo design, Brochure, Proƒile, pop-ups, 3D product image
Ƭ Design of Flash, gif effects.
Prepare illustrations or sketches.
Design templates, ideas, templates, design ideas development.
Revise sketches and design to meet cost, time and resource requirements.
Ensure to complete the assigned work on time and be able to work under high pressure.
Details of specific work during the interview.
At least 1 year of experience in an equivalent position (attach a number of designed works).

WAGES: From 5 to 7 million


Ƭ Basic English for creating designs when working with a foreign partner.
It has a basic understanding of art, professionalism.
Make good use of the most popular graphic design tools today (Photoshop, Ƒirework, Illustrator, Flash, Corel, Ƥixlr, InDesign …).
Experience in digital design, print graphics, publishing, video-editing.
Ϲhas broad relationships with print providers, set-ups, know how to consult and manipulate suppliers, meet the supplier directly for the best terms and conditions.
Gracious and has good communication skills.


The company will provide employees with a professional and dynamic working environment.
Remuneration worthy of professional capacity and work performance.
Social welfare regimes: Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance are prescribed by the State.
To be rewarded for public holidays, New Year, and 13th month salary according to the company’s regulations.
Visiting the vacation every year.

Records include:

Personal CV
Job application
Related qualifications
Curriculum vitae
ID card photo
Household registration photo
Health Certification
When received, the application will be notarized.
Apply by mail: or submit directly to 130 National Highway 1A, P.Ba Lang, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City

Tel: 0292 3913347 – 3913348 – office hours

HOTLINE: 1900 986834

Deadline for application submission: November 9, 2020


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