Asia Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing veterinary drugs according to GMP – WHO standards. Due to the need of expansion and development, the Company needs to recruit personnel for the following positions:

1.Graphical Designer Marketing Department
– Quantity: 1 employee.
Male Female aged 22-35 years old. Graduated from universities, colleges in training schools majoring in Graphics and Fine Arts….
-Wesite design, Logo design, Brochure, Proƒile, pop-ups, 3D product images
– Design of Flash, gif effects.
Prepare photos or sketches.
– Create designs, ideas, form up, ρdevelop design ideas.
-Edit sketches and blueprints to meet cost, time and resource requirements.
-Ensure to complete the assigned work on time and be able to work under high pressure.
– Details of specific work during the interview.
– At least 1 year of experience in an equivalent position.
WAGES: From 5 to 7 million
Basic English to create designs when working with a foreign partner.
– It has a basic understanding of art, professionalism.
– Make good use of the most popular graphic design tools today (Photoshop, Ƒirework, Illustrator, Flash, Corel, Ƥixlr, InDesign …).
-Experienced in digital graphic design, print graphics, publishing, video-editing.
-Has broad relationships with print providers, set-ups, knows how to consult and mandate the supplier, meet the supplier directly for the best terms agreement.
– Gracious and able to communicate well.


– Remuneration worthy of professional capacity and work efficiency.
– The social welfare regimes: Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance are prescribed by the State.
– To be rewarded on public holidays, Tet, 13 salary in accordance with the Company’s regulations.
– To visit the vacation every year.
The application includes:
-CV personal
-Job application.
-Related qualifications.
-CMND photo.
Photo aperture.
-Health Certification.
When received, the application will be notarized.
Tel: 0292 3913347 – 3913348 – office hours
– Deadline to receive applications: October 11, 2020
– Address to receive documents: 130 National Highway 1A, Ba Lang Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City or send to Email:
– Only interviewing satisfactory records and not returning the records.


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