Asia Animal Pharmaceutical CO.Ltd specializes in manufacturing veterinary drugs according to GMP – WHO standards. Due to the need of expansion and development, the Company needs to recruit personnel for the following positions:


Job description:
– Import and export of raw materials, packaging according to delivery documents and parts requirements.
-Check the validity of invoices and documents before doing Import / Export.
– Manage, track import and export inventory.
– Statistics, collating, reporting data for management levels, accounting departments …
– Ensure all goods must have a minimum inventory level. If the quantity of imported / exported goods fluctuates, ρ must propose to management level to deal with it.
-Priority is given to candidates with experience in management, storekeeper …
– Job details will be discussed specifically when being interviewed.
Job requirements:
-Good University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Economics or Accounting ..
– Proficient in office informatics skills (Word, Excel).
– Diligent, careful, withstand the pressure of work.
Wage agreement


– Prepare the necessary materials for production, ensuring the correct standards.
– Use of machines in production.
– Control the quality of input materials, packaging materials, containers, brands … to ensure that finished products reach quality standards.
Implement and control effective cleaning in the production area.
– Identifying potential hazards in the manufacturing sector, proposing preventive measures to minimize risks.
– Job detail will be exchanged in the interview.
Job requirements
– Graduated from Intermediate or higher majoring in Pharmacy, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or equivalent fields.
– Have a sense of responsibility, attachment, good communication, take initiative at work.
– Problem-solving skills.
Wage agreement


-High school graduation.
– Work in the factory.
– In good health, diligent.
– Under the pressure of work.
– Flexible, adaptable to the working environment.
– Job details will be discussed in detail when being interviewed


– Cleaning up the assigned area.
-Good health, diligent, clean.
– Job details will be discussed specifically when interviewed


-The company will bring its employees a professional and dynamic working environment.
– Remuneration worthy of professional capacity and work efficiency.
-Social welfare regimes: Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance are prescribed by the State.
– Bonuses on holidays, New Year, 13 salary according to the company’s regulations.
– Visiting vacation every year.


– Specify: POSITION WANT TO APPLY (top of mail or cover of resume)

-CV personal
– Job application (sdt contact)
-Related qualifications
-Curriculum vitae
-CMND photo
Photo aperture
-Health Certification
-When received, the application will be notarized.
– Submit the application via mail: or submit directly to 130 National Highway 1A, P.Ba Lang, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City
Tel: 0292 3913347 – 3913348 – office hours

HOTLINE: 1900 986834

– Deadline to receive applications: 13/03/2021
– Only interviewing satisfactory records and not returning the records.


    Achaupharm chào bạn
    Hiện tại vị trí bạn đang quan tâm vẫn còn tuyển dụng bạn nhé
    Bạn vui lòng chuẩn bị hồ sơ hoàn chỉnh hơn và gửi qua mail giúp Achaupharm bạn nhé !! Do bộ nhớ tin nhắn đã đầy, Achaupharm sợ xót mất CV ứng tuyển của bạn

    Hồ sơ gồm có:
    -CV cá nhân
    -Đơn xin việc – ghi rõ vị trí ứng tuyển
    -Sơ yếu lý lịch
    -CMND photo
    -Hộ khẩu photo
    -Giấy khám sức khỏe
    -Khi được nhận sẽ nộp hồ sơ có công chứng.

    – ƯU TIÊN nộp hồ sơ qua mail:
    hoặc nộp trực tiếp qua địa chỉ 130 quốc lộ 1A, P.Ba Láng, Q.Cái Răng, TP.Cần Thơ
    Mọi thắc mắc bạn vui lòng liên hệ – Tel: 0292 3913347 – 3913348 – giờ hành chánh
    -Hạn chót nhận hồ sơ: 13/03/2021
    -Chỉ phỏng vấn hồ sơ đạt yêu cầu và không hoàn trả hồ sơ không đạt. Cảm ơn bạn đã quan tâm. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành.
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