After more than 18 years of operation, Achaupharm, we have made an important contribution to providing the best products to Livestock and Seafood, while bringing Uu Viet products out in the international market. Contribute to technology transfer and quality human resource training. Besides business activities, the implementation of corporate social responsibility is always the top priority of ASIA ANIMAL PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD (Achaupharm)

         We actively implement social activities that have practical meaning to the community. With our efforts and active contributions in Vietnam, we are honored to be awarded many noble awards and titles from the Government of Vietnam as well as other agencies.
With passion and enthusiasm, hard work. Our mission: “Vietnam Agricultural Development” has helped us receive many important awards such as:

In 2011, we were awarded the title Factory of GMP – WHO, issued by the Department of Animal Health and the Ministry of Health

Chứng nhận của Achaupharm

In 2017, We were honored to issue the “Vietnam High Quality” Certificate voted by consumers

chứng nhận của ACHAUPHARM

We are ranked in the Top 300 leading brands in Vietnam voted by consumers

Chứng nhận của Achaupharm



We have been awarded an Independent International Certificate of Excellence in Business Excellence


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            With passion and enthusiasm: ” Vietnam Agricultural Development ” We are growing stronger and actively contributing to the development of the livestock and seafood market in particular and the Vietnamese economy and the World market.
We will strive constantly to think that we will reach further in the future because We have You.Yes, you are an important companion”
We would like to express our sincere and deepest thanks to those who have always believed in using our company’s products.
Thank you.

Best regards.




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