Cause - Symptom - Treatment

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  • L. Revolledo
  • A. J. P. Ferreira

Salmonellosis is one of the most prevalent foodborne diseases worldwide. Food animals have been identified as reservoirs for nontyphoid Salmonella infections. in poultry, host-specific Salmonella infections cause fowl typhoid and pullorum diseases that produce economic losses in different parts of the world.

Please find the attached research by L. Revolledo and A. J. P. Ferreira  for Cause – Symtom – Prevention – Treatment.

The below treatment regimen is composed by Asia Animal Pharmaceutical (Achaupharm).

First solution:

 – Clamox: 1gm for 20kg b.w (mix with water for oral solution)

 – Electrolyte: 1gm mix with 4 liters of water

 – Iodine: 1liter mix with 100 liters of water (washing the poultry cages)

Second soution:

 – Tieu chay: 1gm for 5kg b.w

 – Vitamix super: 10gm mix with 4kg feed 

 – Protect: 6ml mix with 1liter of water (washing the poultry cages)


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