“The Livestock Handbook” was launched in time to meet the requirements of household and farm animal husbandry, serving agricultural and rural development.
The book is edited to help breeders have reference materials, expand their knowledge and apply them to livestock production when needed.

The book is considered as a breeding manual, including 3 main livestock subjects:

  • Volume 1: Pig Breeding Manual
  • Volume 2: Poultry Breeding Manual
  • Volume 3: The Pet Handbook

In general, the book wants to introduce to readers the most basic content related to common diseases in Animals and disease treatment regimens, etc., generalized and The simplest systematization of necessary specialized knowledge that can be contacted and applied to livestock production. In the manual on raising each type of livestock, each animal also highlights the specific characteristics of diseases, nutrition and digestive physiology, then technologies and techniques for raising each animal. by age, by stage and by production direction with the hope of benefiting everyone, including livestock producers.

The book “The Breeding Handbook” is exclusively published with the advice of long-term industry experience, high reliability and effective practical application.

However, this is also the collective effort of the authors of Achaupharm Company, who are very grateful for additional comments so that the next editions of the book have richer and more concise content. more practical, closer to the farmer.

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