How to induce vomiting in dogs, cats?

How to induce vomiting in dogs, cats?

Vomiting in pets occurs due to sensitization of the parasympathetic nervous system causing increased peristalsis of gastric and intestinal smooth muscle.

1. Anti-vomiting in dogs

Atropin is a drug commonly used to prevent vomiting in pets. So will Atropin be used for all cases to prevent vomiting for pets or not? Are there any side effects when using Atropin for antiemetics in pets?

Atropin is a parasympathetic inhibitor that reduces or stops smooth muscle movement.

Atropin should only be used in the case of analgesia, anti-emetic and anti-exudative in dogs. Can be combined with pre-anesthetic drugs to limit secretions (Ketamin).

Common side effects in dogs are dilated pupils, decreased secretions, and dryness of the oral mucosa.

When to use Atropin to stop vomiting in pets?

Use in case of mechanical antiemetic: Pets vomiting due to motion sickness,….

Do not use Atropin to stop vomiting for pets in case of poisoning or parvo-related diseases, care because at this time, vomiting is a reflex of the pets’s body to eliminate toxins produced when the digestive tract is inflamed and damaged.

Controlling vomiting in pets during parvo and care… using rehydration fluids and electrolytes.

2. Induce vomiting in pets

Why induce vomiting in pets? – Measures to help eliminate stomach contents in case dogs ingest poison, rat baits, foreign bodies…

How to induce vomiting in dogs?

Methods to induce vomiting in dogs:


What should we do after a dog induces vomiting?

Strictly control vomit to prevent other dogs from eating it or infecting people.

Then immediately notify the veterinarian for further instructions on detoxification and toxicology testing for a supportive plan.

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