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Achaupharm - Asia Animal Pharmaceutical CO.Ltd

With a long-term vision and sustainable development perspective “Quality First”.
Achaupharm is always committed to bringing finished products not only with beautiful designs, packaging, variety of types but also high and stable quality at a reasonable price – with the mission of developing the industry Vietnamese livestock is also developing the Vietnamese economy.
Asia Animal Pharmaceutical CO.Ltd - Achaupharm

is a reputable company that manufactures and sells Veterinary Medicines No. 1 in Vietnam. Producing products for pets and seafood that meet the GMP line standards, products with High Quality certificates. The source of the product has a clear origin, quality assurance and reputation. With the source of raw materials for drug production from leading reputable suppliers, ensuring quality products, good import prices, suitable for the needs of distribution business and livestock consumers. ...
This Achaupharm is always confident to receive the trust of customers based on the quality of products researched and produced by Achaupharm itself.
Asia Animal Pharmaceutical CO.Ltd - Achaupharm has a consulting team 24/7, ready to support knowledge and experience in using drugs in emergency cases.
Hotline 1900 986834 to support customers 24/24.
Achaupharm has a Group of Products for Poultry and Cattle to help treat diseases, develop healthy, increase physical strength, good health In addition, there is a Product Group for Pets, Birds, Seafood...
Asia Animal Pharmaceutical CO.Ltd - Achaupharm always wishes and commits to work with breeders to promote and grow the livestock industry in each household. Since then, productivity and quality of livestock production in Vietnam have been improved.
Slogan of Asia Animal Pharmaceutical CO.Ltd: “Achaupharm – Growing Together with Vietnamese Agriculture”



“There are values that are shaped from the vision, from the mission to promote development”


A very good saying: Unity is the greatest strength

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Achaupharm is constantly growing to become one of the leading manufacturers of Veterinary Medicine and Aquatic Products in VietNam. In August 2011, we were officially awarded the name of the factory meeting GMP – WHO standard by Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Health.

Owning a modern laboratory system meeting GLP-WHO standards and a GSP-WHO commodity storage system.

Through a long journey full of efforts, serious and professional operation, Achaupharm’s products have been trusted with the distribution network covering the whole country.


Achaupharm always places its highest responsibility for brand reputation in order to set the brand value.

Shaking hands with partners as companions in domestic and overseas markets, sharing a common goal to develop business and brand is what Achaupharm always tries to do. Currently, the company’s products have been officially available in overseas markets such as: Asia, North Africa and South America…


You will have the opportunity to grow your business and get rich with Achaupharm
As long as you have:

* Desire, motivation and passion for success
* Have enough capital to invest in your business
* Strong sales and customer service
* Conduct business ethically
* Business background and knowledge in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry
* Ability to transfer your skills to the developed Agriculture industry.
* A real partnership


Achaupharm would like to invite our partners to cooperate and wish to jointly carry out business activities to add value and promote common brands for both parties.

We are committed to always give our Partners the best products and services with reasonable price policy, high discounts and many other incentives. With the goodwill of cooperation for mutual development, we strongly believe in the good success and long-term cooperation between us and your partners.

Best regards !!


“See the light at the end of the tunnel”

Criterion: “Quality first”

The production line meets GMP – WHO standards

The Asian country distributed the Product

Rich products, diverse in types and designs


Products are constantly updated by Achaupharm

👈 HOTLINE: 1900 986834